2019 Daihatsu AYLA R DLX 1.2
80,201 km | Automatic
This car has been sold
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Inspection Overview Passed

No Flood Damage

Exterior Inspection 23 Detected/53

Body Panels & Bumpers 13
Doors, Hood & Boot 1
Glass & Outside Mirrors 3
Exterior Lights 2
Rims, Tires & Wheels 4
Flood Free Vehicle
Chassis Or Engine Number Tampered
No Evidence Of Accident Detected
Chassis Condition
Front Bumper Detected
Front Bonnet Detected
Front Bonnet Support
Front Bonnet Insulator
Right Front Fender Detected
Left Front Fender Detected
Right Front Door Detected
Left Front Door Detected
Rear Bumper Detected
Left Rear Fender Detected
Right Rear Fender Detected
Right Rear Door Detected
Left Rear Door Detected
Rear Bonnet Detected

Interior Inspection 9 Detected/84

Safety Belts
Audio & Alarm Systems
Heat, Vent, Ac, Defog & Defrost
Interior Amenities
Carpet, Trim & Mats 9
Sunroof, Moonroof, Convertible Top
Windows & Door Locks
Luggage Compartment
Safety Belts

Road Test Inspection 2 Detected/15

Transmission, Transaxle & Clutch
Steering & Brake 2
Engine Starting
Engine Idling
Engine Acceleration
Engine Noise
Engine Mounts

Underbody Inspection 1 Detected/23

Cooling System
Electrical System
Exhaust System
Transmission, Transaxle & Differential
Steering And Alignment 1
Engine Oil
Transmission/transaxle Automatic Fluids
Brake Fluids
Power Steering Fluids
Windshield Washer Fluids